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Carpet Cleaners Fife

Carpet Cleaners Fife

Your Carpet Is Crying out For You to Call Me Immediately!
Each day I pull pounds of sandy soil out of the base of your neighbour’s carpets. It is in yours too! Spread your yarns apart and look deep. This sand is scratching and dulling your carpet. It is grinding your expensive yarns down into worthless fibres which fill up your vacuum bag.

Every moment you wait, your carpet wears out faster.

While you are down there, how do the traffic lanes feel? Oily residues from the street and air are drying to the carpet. Slightly sticky, they grab dirt and lock it on.

Through a process called ‘oxidation’ soils bond with the carpet, causing colour change, and becoming permanently attached. If you wait too long, you are throwing away the key to unlocking dirt and oil from traffic lanes. Clean before traffic lanes show up! The longer you wait between cleaning the more soil becomes permanent.

Is the air starting to smell stale? Great News! Pollutants in the air filter through your carpet.
The carpet traps them so you don’t breathe them over and over. However, what happens when that trap becomes full? Your family starts breathing dust mite debris, pollens, pollutants, fungus, spores, bacteria and a long list of other really nasty stuff! Once your carpet’s natural filtering ability becomes full, it is time for a thorough cleaning for your health’s sake. Clean every twelve to eighteen months and you will breathe easier.

The fact is, clean your carpets frequently when traffic lanes first start to appear and they will last longer, look better, and protect your family’s health!

The Carpet Cleaning Process
Step 1: Pre- Inspection – I will carry out a thorough pre-inspection that involves checking the fibre and construction of the carpets and identify unique and possible permanent stains.

Step 2: Commercial Vacuum – I use a powerful industrial vacuum cleaner that removes any dry soiling.

Step 3: Pre-spray and Pre-spot – A pre-conditioning agent is applied to break down the general and traffic area soiling. Individual stains are treated with the appropriate solutions to give the best chance of removal.

Step 4: Soil Extraction and Rinse – Using a hot water extraction system; unlike carpets cleaned with cheap machinery, I use a Rotovac 360i. The Rotovac 360i is a patented rotary jet extractor which utilises rotary vacuum heads to thoroughly deep clean carpets with hundreds of multi-directional cleaning passes at 250 revs per minute.
Unlike conventional manual scrub wands, which only clean in two directions, the Rotovac360i cleans a full 360 degrees ensuring every carpet fibre is thoroughly deep cleaned avoiding any potential for over wetting.

Step 5: Post-Spot – I inspect the carpet again and if any stubborn stains remain, they will receive extra treatment with specialist solutions to ensure the best chance of removal.

Step 6: Filtration Marks – Do you have black marks running around the sides of your carpet, particularly around the door areas or radiators? These are called draft or filtration marks. These can be unsightly and ruin the finished look of your carpet. I remove these marks by using a specialist filtration solution called ‘Filter Out ‘To complete a beautiful finish to your immaculately cleaned carpet.

Step 7: Carpet Groom – The carpets are then groomed with a professional groomer. This process lifts the carpet pile and aids faster drying times.

Step 8: Turbo Dry –An all room turbo dryer will be used to remove any excess moisture from the carpet to improve faster drying times.

Step 9: Final Inspection – I will inspect the carpets on completion of the work and check that you are thrilled with the results. Your carpets will be left beautifully clean, soft and fresh!

If you have asked for carpet protection to be applied to your carpets, I will apply it at this stage. Although an optional extra, it does prolong the life of your carpets and furnishings and minimises the likelihood of any future permanent stains.

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A FREE 15-Minute Carpet Audit!

I will never give you a quote over the phone! No reputable carpet cleaning company would or indeed should.

There is no one room size fits all, it's very important to assess the condition of the carpet or soft furnishings that are needing cleaned.

I will then measure the exact floor area so as to provide you with an accurate quote for the work that needs to be done. I will check for unwanted stains and give you a realistic assessment as to whether they can be removed and how.

This includes pet stains and other difficult stains. Before finally booking you in on the dates that suit you, please never hesitate to ask me any questions about the cleaning processes as all questions are welcome and indeed encouraged.

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