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Rug Cleaners Fife

Rug Cleaners Fife

Rugs are luxurious and beautiful furnishings which serve to lift and enhance the look and feel of your home, lending a splash of colour to give your rooms a warmth and characteristic depth. They create a cosy atmosphere whilst complimenting your unique individuality. They are a celebration of colour and culture from around the world, sometimes a beautiful reminder of a holiday or time spent in an exotic location; traditionally a tapestry of history representing a celebration or cultural event and therefore deserve to be treated with love, care, and respect.

Maintaining and cleaning your rugs regularly will enhance the look and feel of your expensive rugs but they should never be treated or cleaned the same way as carpet flooring. I understand it is very important to identify the complex construction of the rug being cleaned. It is imperative to carry out dye bleed tests and to use wool and silk safe industry approved products and methods to ensure your expensive, much loved rugs are cleaned with the care and respect they deserve.

I have been trained by one of the UK’S top leading rug cleaning experts Mr Paul Pearse on the safe practices of cleaning and caring for delicate, expensive wool and silk rugs. I always give my clients a realistic assessment of the procedures and care needed to clean and dry their rugs safely and successfully.

Rug Cleaning Process
There are many possible ways of accidentally damaging rugs and special care needs to be taken prior to the cleaning process.

I always carry out a thorough pre-clean inspection and test your rugs to determine the correct cleaning method.

I never clean rugs in your home but will arrange to collect, clean and dry them before returning your rug at your convenience. The main reasons for this are to ensure I don’t damage any hard or soft flooring that your rug is on.

Step By Step Rug Cleaning Process
One of the most important tests to be carried out before I can proceed in cleaning your rug safely is a dye bleed test. This is to ensure there are no fugitive dyes which may run
in the hot water cleaning process.

In order to ensure maximum cleaning I use a machine to tamp out all the dry soil, especially in woven rugs which can hold a huge amounts of dry soil in their complex woven construction.

When all the dry soil is extracted, I use a specialist industry approved oriental rug wash safe to use on fine silk and wool rugs. This is designed to rapidly loosen and dissolve soil particulates to ensure a safe and quality clean.

The rug is then rinsed with Oriental rug, wool and silk dye rinse, formulated to fix fugitive dyes on protein fibres such as wool and silk rugs. It is a safe acid rinse to prevent dye bleed and also used to neutralise any alkaline pre-sprays or detergents which if left in the fibres could cause colour migrations, browning or re-soiling.

I wash and rinse the fringes to ensure a beautiful finish to your delicate rugs.

I then inspect the rug for any additional staining and treat them with industry approved stain removal techniques.

Next I groom the rug to set the pile. I Brush out the fringes before applying an All-Room Turbo Drier to dry your rug.

Finally when the rug is completely dry I vacuum the rug all ready to deliver back to you at a time that is convenient for you.

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