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Specialist Stain Removal

D’ARCY BESPOKE CLEANING offers a professional spot and stain removal service!
It is vital to identify the source of the stain and to treat it as quickly as possible. Many of our modern day foods and beverages have very strong food dyes in them which if left on your expensive soft furnishings can become permanent unsightly stains. The sooner these stains can be treated with our professional stain removal techniques the better the results will be.

In my experience common household spills and stains which have been treated with over the counter cleaning products and over-zealous panicked home owners who have scrubbed the stain into their carpets or soft furnishings, end up damaging the fibres and make the stains permanent, or bleach out the colour from the carpet or upholstery. It is important to treat the stain with industry recognised stain removal products and techniques before flushing out and rinsing your carpets or upholstery free of any residual alkaline or phosphate cleaning products. If these are left in, the fibres can be left with a sticky residue causing premature re-soiling, browning, or bleaching your very expensive carpets and upholstery.

You should always be aware that not all stains can be removed completely, it depends on; the length of time the stain has been left in the fibres, the makeup or construction of the fibres themselves, manmade fibres over natural fibres or the original source of the stain. There are many variables, needless to say I have a very high success rate in removing stains, but cannot guarantee that all stains can be removed altogether.

We are a nation of pet lovers in this country and we would not be without our furry four legged friends, who after all are a beloved member of our family. However, they can sometimes get sick, have ‘wee’ accidents or worse and leave us with urine, vomit, or faecal contaminated carpets, rugs or upholstery.

It is vitally important to treat this contamination as soon as possible! Dog and cat urine have salt crystals in them which if left untreated can bleach out the dyes in your soft furnishings, leaving an unsightly urine stain which will become permanent.

The salt also attracts moisture, and if left in your soft furnishings will create the perfect conditions for bacteria to grow which in turn releases gasses in the form of odour leaving your home unhygienic and smelling of pet urine. This especially happens in your carpets, because it penetrates deep down into the backing and into the underlay.

A three inch stain on the surface of your carpets can spread to become a ten inch stain in the sub-surface or backing and underlay.

It is essential to treat not only the surface but also the sub-surface areas; breaking down the urine crystals saturating the contaminated area with industry recognised urine decontamination products, before finally flushing out and rinsing the carpets, removing the crystals and urine permanently and hygienically leaving your house free of pet urine odours. You can now get back to loving your furry friends without the unsavoury reminder of their little indiscretions.

Specialist Stain Removal

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