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Upholstery Cleaners Fife

Upholstery serves many functions in our home, it not only provides us and our families with an incredibly comfortable means of relaxation, it is also an expression of our individuality and taste. It sets the tone and flow of a room and enhances our sense of harmony and luxury within that space.

As a consequence it gets a lot of use as a soft furnishing, a use that causes soiling and ware. To slow down and eliminate this soiling and ware on your beautiful furnishings, you need to periodically have your furniture cleaned by a professional upholstery cleaning company. You need a company that understands the complexity of fibre construction and tests for colour distortion or dye bleed. Carefully choosing the safest industry approved cleaning products and methods is vital to ensure our clients get the finest and most thorough upholstery cleaning service that the industry has to offer.

This leaves your furnishings hygienically clean and looking beautiful again restoring them to their rightful pride of place within your home. My attention to detail is second to none within the cleaning and restoration industry, coupled with a 100% guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with the results then I will clean your upholstery again for free!
So don’t hesitate to give me call or drop me an email to set up an appointment so you can start enjoying your plush furnishings again.

PRE – INSPECTION I will carry out an inspection of the upholstery needing cleaned to test for fugitive dyes that may bleed or run in the cleaning process. This also checks that the fibres of your upholstery are compatible with my hot water extraction system. At this point I will also check for any pre-existing staining and damage and give you a realistic assessment of the results. Prior to commencing cleaning I will put down protection sheeting so as not to damage your flooring during the cleaning process.

STEP 2 :
I will always pre-vacuum the upholstery as a matter of process to ensure superior cleaning results by removing any dry soils that may be embedded in the fibres.

STEP 3 :
I will pre -treat any stains with my specialist stain removing solutions.

STEP 4 :
I use a Citrus pre – spray which is designed to loosen even the most stubborn of soils and greases embedded into your upholstery giving you superior cleaning results. All our cleaning products are family and pet safe to ensure peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

STEP 5 :
I use a soft motorised upholstery brush which gives a higher rate of agitation and removes any excess pre-spray to ensure superior cleaning results and quicker drying times.

STEP 6 :
I use a Rotovac Shear Dry upholstery tool that has a dual direction spray bar centred between two vacuumed slots. This cleans in both directions at once ensuring superior cleaning results without the risk of over-wetting, leaving your upholstery super clean with greatly reduced drying times.

STEP 7 :
I will always do a final inspection to ensure I haven’t missed anything before brushing out any marks and setting the nap with a soft horse hair brush.

STEP 8 :
Although an optional extra, it’s sometimes worth considering applying a stain shield to give you extra protection from those accidental spills. Stain shield protector repels oil and water based staining.

STEP 9 :
Last but not least, I use an all-room turbo dryer to dry your upholstery so you can get back to using your soft furnishings as quickly as possible. (note drying times differ greatly depending on the type of fibres your upholstery is made of e.g. natural fibres tend to have a greater absorption rate over manmade fibres and may take longer to dry)

I will also put down protection sheets so as not to damage your flooring during the cleaning process.


Upholstery Cleaners Fife

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